Specola M. Hack - public and schools

Schools and groups

The Specola M. Hack is located at the Basovizza observing station of INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste (Località Basovizza 302, 34149 Basovizza - TS).

Groups of people and schools can request a visit to the Specola M. Hack by email at prenotazioni.oats@inaf.it, proposing a date. The date will then be confirmed or discussed with the person in charge of the visits based on the availability of the guides

  • Because of the technical and scientific content of astronomical observation, the activity is intended for primary and secondary school classes, not kindergarten.
  • The activity at Specola M. Hack lasts about one hour and a half. It includes a guided tour of the historical informative multimedia path and then onservations at the telescope.
  • For each visit a 120 euro contribution is required.
  • The Specola Margherita Hack can host up to 25 people. For classes and groups larger than 25 people, up to 50 people, two parallel sessions will be carried out, with total duration of about one hour and a hakf and a total amount of 240 euro.
  • Visits to the Specola Margherita Hack will be carried out also in cloudy sky condition.
  • The payment can be done by cash at the Observatory or after the activity by wire transfer (all the information (IBAN, ecc.) will be given after the activity). An invoice will be released.