INAF-OATs activities for schools  and public

Info & Booking


Public and school activities that take place at our observatory are suspended due to Covid-19.


Activities for public and schools and public take place at the Basovizza Observing Station
Località Basovizza 302, 34149 Basovizza (TS) 


Schools and groups

School and group activities Esploracosmo and Stars Go To School, and visits to Specola Margherita Hack, take place on Thursday, in two sessions of about 90 minutes: the first session at 11:00 am in the morning and the second in the evening accordingly to sunset time.

  • Each class or group can book only one session, specifying the desired activity to do: Esploracosmo and visit to Specola Margherita Hack at the OATs Observational Branch of Basovizza, or SVAS from their school.
  • For each session we ask a 120 euro contribution.
  • Esploracosmo and Specola Margherita Hack can host up to 25 people. For classes and groups larger than 25 people, up to 50 people, two parallel sessions will be carried out, with total duration of about 2 hours and total amount of 240 euro.
  • Visits to Specola Margherita Hack and Esploracosmo laboratory will be carried out also in cloudy sky condition.
  • The payment can be done by cash at the Observatory or after the activity by wire transfer (all the information (IBAN, ecc.) will be given after the activity).
  • SVAS observations, both during daylight or night, need clear sky: in case of bad weather the session will be cancelled and possibly rescheduled during future available sessions.
  • SVAS activities carried out from school do not have a limit in maximum number of people attending the session.


Individual people

Visits to Specola Margherita Hack for individual people take place on Wednesday evening or Friday evening (look at the calendar for available dates).

  • Each person can book at maximum 5 tickets.
  • The price of a individual ticket for visits to the Specola Margherita Hack is 6 euro (3 euro for children under 12 years) .
  • Visits to Specola Margherita Hack take place also in cloudy sky condition.

Please note: visit for individuals will be held in Italian language.


General information

 In order to book a session please follow the following 3 points:

  • look at the calendar and verify available sessions (available sessions for groups and schools: green color; visits to Specola Margherita Hack for individual people: light blue color; already booked sessions: red color);
  • click on desired session, verify details (date and time) and book it (click "book");
  • wait for the email confirmation message from the OATs.


The general knowledge learned in middle school suffices to appreciate these activities.


After your session please fill the following feedback form (click here).
Your comments are very important to us, in order to carry on and improve our activity. Thank you.


For more information on bookings and scheduled activities please contact the OATs secretariat (mail:, tel.: 040.3199241).