INAF-OATs activities for schools  and public

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A real astronomical observational session will be done live form your school, using the two telescopes dedicated to the project and located at the Basovizza Observative Branch, detached branch of the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste (OATs).

Tha OATs instruments are managed remotely by students and teachers, through a computer available in the school and connected via internet to the computers of the OATs. The observations are managed by the class under the teacher's supervision while an astronomer, present in the dome and connected via videoconference with the school, conducts the observations and provides scientific support.


The didactic path, the type of observations and the objects to study are previously decided according to the teacher, taking into account the type of school, the student's age and their curriculum.


Thanks to the possibility to work form a distance and in real time, the students become protagonists of all steps of the observation:

  • discussion on the objects to observe;
  • control and pointing of the telescope;
  • control of the CCD camera and set of the exposure time;
  • filling and processing of the images.

Astronomical observations can be done both in the morning or in the evening, for a easier school planning. In the evening classical observations will be done, like nebulae, stellar cluster, galaxies and planets. In the morning the Sun will be observed, with the description of its standard activity (sunspots, prominences) and possible particular phenomena as flares or solar eclipses.